Kennel Free Experience

Dogs are one of the most social beings on the planet. They love to play, snuggle and cuddle together. We believe the best doggy daycare experience is one that’s spent interacting with each other all day and not spent in a cage.

The first day of school is always the most intimidating; we get it! Our team of experienced pack leaders are experts in the art of canine meet & greets to ensure your pooch gets off to the best start!

Outdoor Potty Breaks

We believe in providing the best daycare experience possible and ensuring your pup has ample opportunity to do his business during the day is essential. We probably wouldn’t find it very enjoyable if we couldn’t go to the washroom all day so why take your dog somewhere that won’t give your dog a potty break. House training is very important so don’t let someone undo all your hard work.


So quiet, you’ll think you just walked into a library.

Our team of amazing pack leaders have been able to create and maintain an environment where dogs of all temperaments can coexist in harmony. A calm and stress-free atmosphere should be an industry standard.