Joanne and Dean have serviced the Tri-cities providing adventure dog walking since 2009. We have taken our love for dogs and our passion for them and are opening our first doggy daycare for smaller breeds in Port Moody. We are a 1st for Port Moody with 2,400sq ft … every square inch personally designed by us and all the dog beds are all hand made by Dean … a true labor of love. Please come and meet us, pop in anytime.

Come inside we have NOTHING to hide.


​It is very important to make your sure pooch is up to date on all the necessary vaccines. We require all dogs attending daycare to have the CORE vaccines (DISTEMPER, HEPATITIS, PARVOVIRUS, PARAINFLUENZA, RABIES) and Bordetella (aka kennel cough).

Puppies must have at least 2 set of shots or a letter from a vet stating they are approved for doggy daycare.

Your First Day

Business First: We know the first day of school is always exciting. But please give your dog a chance to have a potty break before entering. Your pup will be much happier and relaxed, and it will help us keep clean and smelling fresh!

Keep your pooch on leash: When dropping your dog off for daycare, we ask that you bring their leash with you and that you leave it attached until the staff removes it. Sometimes, your pup may be extra excited to come and play; we love to tire them out, but it can be unsafe if we simply let them come charging into the pen. To help us ensure the proper safety and control, we may have to bring your dog into the pen on leash. This is particularly important because some of the dogs that come visit may be working on their doggy to doggy skills, and we need to maintain the appropriate energy level.

Label Their Belonging: Just like in school, it’s important to label your pup’s things so that we can keep track of them. If you have a generic leash, like a solid black one, etc. it’s helpful to make them distinctive. You can mark them with a tag or colorful ribbon; this will help us ensure it doesn’t get mixed up or lost. We ask that you label their lunch containers as well.

Dropping Off

Drop off time for daycare is typically from 7am until 11am. This helps us with numerous factors like establishing a proper pack bond between all of the dogs.

Pickup time typically starts around 3:30pm - 4pm and ends at 7pm. All dogs picked up after 7pm will be charged a late fee.

After you’ve booked your reservation and dropped your pup off at daycare, we ask that you sign them in. Our sign-in sheet is located at the front desk beside the computer and is sorted alphabetically by last name. This helps us keep track of several important things throughout the day.

Allergies and/or food restrictions: Please make a note on the sign-in sheet in the box marked “Allergies/Other” and let the staff know if your dog has any allergies or food restrictions that we should be aware of.

Lunch: Please check the box marked “Lunch” if your dog gets fed lunch with us.

Early pick-up, alternate person for pick-up: Please make a note in the box marked “Allergies/Other” if you’re picking your pup up earlier than usual or if someone else is coming to pick them up for you.

Sore spots, upset tummy: Please make a note in the box marked “Allergies/Other” and let the staff know if your dog is feeling any discomfort like a sore foot or if their tummy isn’t one hundred percent.